Billy Hibbs

LTC Billy Hibbs Master Army Aviator departed on his last mission on December 29th, 2013.
Billy, as his fellow Army Aviators called him, was a respected comrade in arms and a friend to all that knew him.  He will be remembered as a true leader, a man of integrity, a man of honor, and a man of valor.
Billy served two tours in Vietnam as an Army Aviator.  The first tour was with the 184th Recon Airplane Company flying the O1G Birddog, and the second flying the OV 1 Mohawk reconnaissance aircraft.  Billy was a charter member of the 184th RAC serving in that unit from 1966 thru 1967.
All those who served with Billy would attest to the fact that Army Aviation would not be the same today with out his contribution of experience and talent in the cockpit.
Billy, we will all miss you and you memory will never leave us.

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We have added a few photos of Billy from our time in Vietnam with the 184th RAC

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  1. Frank Rossi says:

    Mr. Hibbs raised a good son. He must have been a blast. God Bless and Thank You for Your Service.

  2. Ashlyn Hibbs says:

    He was such a great pa-paw! So hilarious. He loved dogs so much. I will never forget the time I spent at his house in the summers as a younger girl. We are so fortunate to have had him in our lives. A true hero.

  3. Rod Patrick says:

    Bill will be missed, as a charter member of the 184th RAC and the 2d Plt, I fondly remember him during the early days at Ft Sill and RVN. He inspired us to perform at are very best! After I had logged on to the 184th website for the first time, I received a call from Bill (the first time I had heard from him since 1967). We had a great conversation, we must have talked for a least three quarters of an hour. You remember the good times!
    Rod Patrick, Second Section Leader, 2d Plt and Asst Opns Officer

  4. Jeff Hodgdon says:

    I didn’t know Billy, or any of the charter members, as I didn’t arrive at the 184th in Phu Loi until March 1969. But as this website connected many of those who served, Billy became somewhat of an icon. I learned a lot about what he and many others did to make my life a little easier in country, and how he applied common sense to an uncommon place. Rest in Peace, he certainly deserved it.

  5. Steve Wood says:

    I was a member of class OFWAC 65-8 at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, in 1965. Billy was our class leader. He was a good officer and fine person.

  6. Steve Wood says:

    I was a member of OFWAC 65-8 at Ft. Rucker, Ala, in 1965. Billy was our class leader. He was good person and fine officer.

  7. Ernie Craft says:

    Never met Mr. Hibbs personally as I did not get to Nonstop till early 69 but I did talk with him through the 184th website, we both loved the Birddog. He sent me the hat which I’ve worn in half a dozen countries and proudly every veterans day. Fair weather flyin to you Sir wherever you are.

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