Gathering 2008

Great Time at the Summer 2008 Gathering…

Pilots and Crew of the 184th RAC 2008Pilots and Crew of the 184th RAC 2008

Really good turnout for the 184th gathering at Fort Rucker 26 – 29 June. Lots of catching to do as some of the members had not seen each other for about 40 years. We had a chance to have some meals together, visit the Aviators Landing where we had a nice dinner program and talk time. We also got to honor a few special people to include Charles Race for his efforts in restoring his Birddog in the 184 RAC colors. Mike Medlin arranged a visit to the Aviation Heritage Foundation on Saturday afternoon where we were privileged to see several Birddogs fly in for the event. Many thanks to those who were kind enough to take time and finances to honor us with their presence. We hope to have another gathering in the future

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This song was very popular in World WarII but is one that I think crosses the times of military conflict and is appropriate even today for those who have forms bonds of comradeship under arms. Vera Lynn was an inspiration to many from the forties to the sixties .. and to some even today. Listen and enjoy… and may be that this could the theme for us to assemble again for another gathering.